Door-to-Door Logistics

Container station with loading crane for truck trailers

Door-to-door Logistics

 How you benefit from DB Cargo‚Äôs door-to-door logistics services

  • Maintain transparency and monitor the cargo you ship from door to door
  • Direct wagon-loading synchronized with your production 365 days/year with no dispatching warehouse
  • Precise on-time delivery to the other end of the transport chain in a narrow time slot
  • We organize the first and last mile of your transports and ensure recipients receive an efficient just-in-time supply which meets their needs



Railports make it possible for goods to be transshipped between the two carriers, road and rail, in the most secure and efficient way. Transshipment may be direct, or alternatively the goods can be put into storage to be dealt with later by DB Cargo as needed. + Mappa