Consumer Goods

Forklift loads wagon with cardboard boxes

Consumer goods


We are the direct link between you and your customers. We operate a portfolio of customizable transport and logistics solutions for a wide array of consumer goods, extending from production sites to sales points, within Germany and internationally.

How you benefit from DB Cargo’s consumer logistics

  • Tailored logistics concepts for customers without private sidings.
  • Wagonload consignments and intermodal services.
  • Integration of transport types via Railports, logistics centre and terminals across Europe.
  • Single wagonload network and block train transports.
  • Integrated services such as warehousing, picking and distribution.
  • Excellent support from our sector team.

Complete package

We design tailored logistics solutions for a tremendous variety of consumer goods - beverages, white goods, classic palletized items, etc. all based around high-performance rail transport on the main leg of the delivery. Freight can be transported using single wagonload consignments or intermodal links depending on what you require. We design, organize and manage the services, delivering logistics from a single source for you. 

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