DB Cargo Italia

Competence, experience and exacting requirements

The transport of fragile goods requires special attention – this is what we promise our customers. Because safety is our top priority. And in the worst-case scenario we are ready for action with our emergency management team.

Competence and experience are prerequisites for the transport of hazardous goods – DB Cargo AG has both.

As a track-guided system, the railways are one of the safest modes of transport, which is also important for the transport of hazardous goods. These include mineral oil products, chemicals, gases and toxic industrial waste.

Germany's legislators are well aware of this. Since 1970, they have been transferring especially hazardous goods upwards of a certain quantity to the rails or inland vessels – in order to reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the transport of hazardous goods, we have developed a considerable head start where experience is concerned. We execute the carrier’s legally prescribed tests according to a standardised test specification sheet upon acceptance of goods. If we ascertain irregularities, these are rectified before we continue with the transport of the goods entrusted to us.
A further important aspect is our own safety and emergency management concept. It is in use around the clock and is closely connected to the infrastructure companies. Thus, all necessary measures can immediately be initiated to minimise damage as far as possible.

We are not only familiar with the regulations for conveyance of hazardous goods – everything we do is strictly in accordance with processes which are regularly audited and certified. We also advise our customers on load securing and give comprehensive information on technical regulations.

In order to guarantee safe and defect-free operation, we continually invest in our equipment. The expert training and further training of our staff continues to be our top priority.

For us, safety also means safeguarding the goods we transport from unauthorised access. With our security management, we tailor safety concepts for the transport of goods to suit our individual customers and further develop these in conjunction with them. Thanks to modern surveillance technology and a comprehensive preventative safety concept, DB Cargo AG safeguards the goods from vandalism, theft and property damage – during transport and standing times.