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Ensure active climate protection with DB Cargo

Rail traffic is not only the safest, but also the most environmentally friendly mode of freight transport.

DB Cargo AG keeps approximately 98,000 lorry journeys off Europe's roads every day – enough to form a line reaching from Hamburg to Rome. A freight train consumes two-thirds less energy and emits three-quarters less carbon dioxide than a lorry.

Deutsche Bahn is already a pioneer when it comes to climate protection. DB has reduced the specific CO2 emissions from rail traffic in Germany by more than 60 per cent since 1990. However, we have set ourselves an even more ambitious objective for the future. We want to reduce the specific CO2 emissions by a further 30 per cent compared to 2006 throughout the group by 2020 – i.e. for traffic on the rails, on the road, in the air and on water. We have already reached the original objective of a 20 per cent reduction, six years earlier than planned. 

With the Internet tool EcoTransIT World, it is even quicker and easier for companies to work out which transport mode will take their goods to their destination in the most environment-compatible manner.