DB Cargo Italia

Logistics services in the fast lane

The complex structures of the automotive industry impose huge challenges on logistics services. With our global expertise, we can offer you customized transportation and logistics solutions that meet all your requirements.

The automotive industry is characterized by a large number of product variants and fluctuating production volumes. Every supply chain has to meet high standards in terms of both quality and flexibility. We develop customized, integrated transportation and logistics solutions all over the world always focusing on our key objectives: to reduce costs, streamline processes and make a crucial difference to the quality of the supply chain.

As an automotive manufacturer or supplier, you can rely on our unsurpassed worldwide networks for procurement, distribution and aftermarket logistics. Our optimized solutions ensure that your components and vehicles reach their destination quickly and reliably - using the whole range of transportation modes such as road, rail, sea or air freight – as well as storage services. We also have a fleet with specialized equipment available for you.

Our logistics services also support your new market entries as well as the planning of new manufacturing facilities. If necessary, we can already contribute when a factory is still at the drawing-board stage. In the era of e-mobility we can offer eco-friendly transportation solutions that will make you stand out from the competition.

We work closely with almost all of the world's automotive manufacturers and suppliers. They all benefit from customized solutions that meet their exact requirements and are continuously being improved. Different modes of transport and contract logistics services are combined to form the ideal logistics package for every supply chain. We also support you with consulting services and 3PL/4PL concepts.

Rail Freight Services
Just-in-time plant supply by rail: we offer customized solutions for getting your components to their destinations quickly and reliably. Europe's largest fleet of specialized freight cars is at your disposal.

DB Schenker Rail Automotive GmbH and the Spanish majority holding Transfesa S.A. are the leading European providers of rail transportation and logistics services for the automotive industry. 

Within our Automotive RailNet service, up to 250 trains a day transport components and finished vehicles to and from factories all over Europe, linking production facilities and markets from Sweden to Turkey, from Portugal to Russia and all the way to China. This creates high-frequency delivery systems using single cars or block train systems. Depending on individual customers' requirements, other means of transport and value-added services may be included.

Our core services at a glance:

  • Logistics for components: conventional or intermodal transportation, including additional services such as works shunting services, works rail operation and train path ordering
  • Logistics for finished vehicles: using single wagons or block trains for rail transports and our own fleet of trucks for road transports, including additional services such as an international compound network, release-agent offers and comprehensive PDI (pre-delivery inspection) services

Land Transport Services
We offer road-based logistics solutions to the European automotive industry for transporting parts from external suppliers and the company’s own manufacturing sites.

At DB Schenker we provide optimized, customized solutions for your procurement logistics. We ensure the continuous supply of spare parts to all your dealers and shop floors all over Europe. The DB Schenker land transport network forms the backbone that allows us to deliver outstanding logistics services.

You are always welcome to consult us. We can, for instance, help you optimize your supply chain with center of gravity analyses. In addition, we offer special products that allow you to benefit from global trends: one example is our best-cost sourcing service, which enables you to include suppliers from low/best-cost regions in your supply chain.

Our core services at a glance:

  • Procurement: transportation solutions for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, including LTL/FTL shipping, milk runs, cross-docking and intermodal transportation
  •  Production supply: JIS/JIT and  interplant shipments
  • Distribution: refill shipments, cross-docking and intermodal transportation for automotive parts and materials
  • Aftersales: express and overnight shipments, metro dealer systems (highly flexible regional spare-parts supply) and packing services

Air/Ocean Freight Services
We responded to the globalization of the automotive industry at an early stage by developing air- and ocean-freight-based logistics solutions.

Our global network of automotive experts develops innovative services for you. We take on the daily consolidation of consignments, customs clearance, subsequent deconsolidation and punctual deliveries to production and assembly plants as well as spare parts centers of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. We focus on both short and deep-sea shipping as well as air freight. And with our multi-modal services along the supply chain, we provide you with door-to-door solutions from a single source.

Our services revolve around our international gateway structures in air and ocean freight. Complemented by our own chartered air-freight flights, the world's business centers are supplied with stable and reliable services.

Our core services at a glance:

  • Supply of worldwide production networks and supply chains
  • Supplier development particularly in emerging markets
  • Global spare-parts supply particularly by air at short notice

Contract Logistics/SCM Services
For the complex logistics requirements of automotive manufacturers and suppliers we offer customized contract logistics solutions throughout the value chain.

Our global expertise, acquired as a result of over 25 years of experience in the automotive sector, puts us in an unrivalled position. This allows us to offer services covering procurement, production, components and finished vehicle logistics. We are involved in the production of over 6 million vehicles a year with our solutions. 

Our core services at a glance:

  • Production logistics for OEMs and suppliers, including JIT deliveries and sequencing (JIS), pre-assembly, Kanban and e-Kanban management, and empties and yard management
  • SKD (semi-knocked down) and
  • CKD (completely knocked down) logistics: intermodal concepts including packaging design and development, disassembly and fluid handling as well as consolidation and properly sequenced deliveries to the final assembly plant 
  • Logistics for parts and finished vehicles: service centers with direct links to ports and secure vehicle storage, PDI (pre-delivery inspection) services, including repairs, retrofitting, inspections, waxing and dewaxing, appliance of protective coatings and homologation
  • Spare-parts logistics: global provision and efficient distribution with the full range of services for the secondary market, e.g. electronic programming, handling of hazardous materials, product identification, etc.