DB Cargo Italia

Market Unit Intermodal - Europe's market leader in combined transport

The Market Unit Intermodal links different transport modes to rail transport. This way, even complex commodity flows can be managed in a cost-effective and above all environmentally friendly manner.

The combination of different transport modes with their unique strengths is a key success factor. As the European market leader in combined transport, we use our intermodal transports to link rail with the land transport and ocean freight. With some 650 employees in Europe, we develop integrated, all-in-one logistics solutions. DB Intermodal combines Europe's most important traffic hubs and ports with approximately 1,500 trains per week. More than 2.7 million load units per year are transported by rail in combined transport in approximately 30 European countries.

Our services include:

  • Combined transport with rail in Europe
  • Transshipment and terminal handling services
  • Pre-carriage and on-carriage of intermodal rail transports
  • Equipment provision
  • Loading unit services
  • Depot services

In addition to our core area of expertise - rail cargo transport - we also offer other integrated logistics services specially tailored to your needs. You can read more about our customized logistics solutions via the link on the right side.