DB Cargo Italia

Three types of classic block trains

DB Cargo's block train operations allow transport of high volumes quickly, flexibly and reliably – this is our strength.

From exceptionally adaptable to exceptionally cost-effective, our block train products offer you the ideal solution for any kind of major shipments.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Three solution options for transporting high volumes
  • Planning certainty with a binding schedule
  • Flexibility through last-minute booking

DB Cargo provides various block train solutions. You choose which option suits you the best.

DBplantrainCost-effective planning:

  • Plan your train demand well in advance
  • Regular transport of high volumes on fixed routes for fixed transport dates and times

DBvariotrain - pre-booked flexibility:

  • Optional reservation of fixed routes for fixed transport dates and times
  • Plan high transport volumes in a variable way

DBflextrain - the last-minute block train:

  • Arrange transport volumes, routes and transport schedule at short notice
  • Maximum flexibility upon order placement

This production system is able to fully utilize its strengths across the European transport network, particularly when it comes to bulk transport.