DB Cargo Italia

Systematic rail transport – even without a siding of your own

DB Cargo closes the “last mile” gap with the innovative Railport system, available at numerous locations in Italy and Europe.

Until now many consignors would not have considered sending their freight by rail for one reason: either a siding was required at both ends of the transport chain otherwise  swap bodies would have to be used as part of a combined transport solution. In many cases, bulk goods in particular are unsuitable for this.

In the past these restrictions put severe limits on the numbers of rail users, preventing them  from supplying customers in the regions. This gap has now been closed by the Railport system.

Railports are open for all kinds of goods

Railports are designed to handle all types of good, packaged or unpackaged, solid or liquid, palletized or in bulk. We have the right transshipment equipment to handle them all, from fork lift trucks to conveyor belts and excavators to gantry cranes.  

Combining the benefits of rail, road and regional warehouses

Railports make it possible for goods to be transshipped between the two carriers, road and rail, in the most secure and efficient way. Transshipment may be direct, or alternatively the goods can be put into storage to be dealt with later by DB Cargo as needed.

The range of logistics services offered by the Railports is diverse to suit customer requests and includes stock management, customs clearance and quality control.

The DB Cargo Railport system offers the possibility of systematically transferring truck shipments to rail and replacing them with just-in-time solutions.

It also allows customers to reduce their own warehousing facilities, replacing them with a combined solution – with the main leg of the journey by rail, transshipment, storage at the Railport, and pre-carriage and onward carriage by road.

In this way the Railports combine the advantages of road and rail and open up new vistas of service for you and potential cost-savings.

DB Cargo currently operates nine Railports in Italy:

  • Torino Orbassano
  • Desio
  • San Zeno
  • Castelguelfo
  • Dinazzano
  • Anagni
  • Verona
  • Grisignano
  • Maddaloni