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DIUM freight railway stations

Here you can search for the most important information on 12,000 freight railway stations in 29 European countries online and have fare distances calculated between the freight railway stations.

The DIUM (Distancier international uniforme marchandises) is a directory of all European freight traffic points, published by the International Railway Union (UIC).

The “Güterbahnhöfe DIUM” online tool makes all information stored in the DIUM accessible to you as a user.

  • Railway station search: Displays information relating to freight railway stations and loading points
  • Distance search: Calculates the distance between individual railway stations/loading points
  • Marks of reference: Gives an overview of customs clearance conditions at the respective freight railway station
  • DIUM profile: As a regular user, allows you to permanently save pre-settings in a profile in the selection of border crossings.
  • Older DIUM information: You can always find the most up-to-date DIUM information in the Internet application. Older data can be found as a PDF file on the webpages of the UIC.