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DB Cargo’s billing procedures actively help to protect the environment. In addition to traditional paper invoices, we offer a number of electronic billing services, first and foremost our e-invoice.

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Our invoices are dispatched one day after the end of each ten-day period, unless that day is a Sunday or public holiday.

DB Cargo AG handles payments in the form of its freight settlement procedure in cooperation with DVB Bank SE and its subsidiary LogPay Financial Services GmbH.

The following brochure contains the most important information about our invoice:

If you opt for our electronic invoice (“e-invoice”), you receive the invoice on the date on which it is issued – quickly, ready for digital processing and storage, and also eco-friendly. You can choose whether to have the invoice sent by e-mail or sFTP and whether you prefer a PDF and/or XML file. No matter what you decide, you can always state that you also wish to receive the other type of file for information purposes. If you opt to have the e-invoice sent as a PDF file but do not plan any subsequent in-house processing of the XML data, we can also send you csv data on request.


Download the application "InvoiceView" & Terms of Use of Software here.

Even if you have not yet opted to receive e-invoices, DB Cargo would nevertheless like to offer you added value for your internal order-to-cash process. In addition to a paper invoice, we therefore offer you the invoice data as an XML file, which contains the data stated on the invoice as well as additional information.

Our objective is to make programming and automation processes relatively simple and uncomplicated for you. We can gladly provide you with the necessary schema for this purpose. Our brochure "Description Supplementary Invoice Data as XML file" contains more detailed information about our data set.

Please note: The additional XML invoice data is the same as the XML data contained in the e-invoice. The InvoiceView application supplied with the e-invoice can also be used to view the additional XML invoice data.

If you wish to receive the data by e-mail, all the necessary information is contained in the file "Transmission Supplementary Invoice Data (XML data)".

Customers who take part in the EDI (electronic data interchange) procedure can contact their EDI support agent for information about the necessary steps for transmission of the additional invoice data.