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Best choice on Europe’s rails

We are the only company to offer our business customers in all sectors rail transport across Europe from a single-source provider – quickly, efficiently and reliably. And thus give them access to one of the world’s largest rail networks.

Nowhere in the world is there such a dense rail network as in Central Europe. DB Cargo AG operates from the centre of this network – the largest and highest performing freight railway in Europe.

DB Cargo AG offers:

●      the greatest traffic performance across Europe

●      the most customer sidings across Europe            

●      the most freight traffic points across Europe     

●      the largest fleet on the continent

At the same time, DB Cargo AG is the most international freight railway. Almost 60 per cent of traffic services are pan-European. And new connections are always being added. The network now extends from Lisbon via Nizhny-Novgorod in Russia to distant Shenyang in China.

  • Block train traffic and single wagon traffic
  • Combining rail with lorry and sea freight modes of transport
  • Individual industry solutions, such as for the chemicals, mineral oil, disposal, paper, coal and steel or automotive sectors
  • Special environmentally-friendly services such as DBeco plus

The greatest challenge in long-distance, cross-border traffic is the reliable and timely execution of transport. DB Cargo AG has integrated production in order to guarantee this. Based on tailored IT, we offer:

  • Cross-border solutions and production concepts
  • Central, Europe-wide transport management with start and destination responsibility
  • Europe-wide management of the use of vehicles and the technical oversight of vehicles
  • Door-to-door live tracking of all transport by 2020

In 2010 DB Cargo AG agreed closer cooperation in cross-border single wagon traffic with a further six European freight railways.  This production alliance called “Xrail” establishes a new quality standard for transport reliability and extends to economic areas in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

DB Cargo AG designs solutions across Europe which are precisely tailored to the most diverse industries and goods.

All business segments at DB Cargo AG share a common objective of being able to offer uniform customer service for all Europe-wide traffic – across all borders.

The basis for this is a closely integrated planning process between sales, production and customer. To this end, DB Cargo AG is established in three European regions with a network of partner companies and one hundred per cent subsidiaries.

Business units:

Rail Freight

Registered office (head office):

DB Cargo AG
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DB Cargo AG
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 Deutsche Bahn AG (100%)

We are an Xrail Alliance member

Xrail – the European Single Wagonload Alliance. The rail freight cooperation consists of CFL cargo, DB Cargo, Green Cargo, Lineas, Rail Cargo Group and SBB Cargo. The six members aim to make the European Single Wagonload a more competitive and more sustainable alternative to road transport by implementing capacity-managed networks linked together through the Xrail Capacity Booking (XCB) broker.