DB Cargo Italia

All-encompassing customer service

From your first enquiry to your freight's arrival at its destination – our highly proficient customer service department supports you in every transport phase.

You can contact the customer service department to place orders and receive information relating to freight wagons and transportation. Orders can be made by email or online (RSO portal), or alternatively you can send transport orders by EDI (Electronic Data Exchange).

The customer service department will tell you the current location of your transport and inform you of any incidents that may have occurred. You receive comprehensive information on the current transport status and the arrival of your goods. The customer service department addresses acute problems directly.

  • Uniform nationwide service call and fax numbers for all services at the local rate. Your personal service team is available 24/7
  • Simple and convenient access to service and logistics solutions
  • Defined and monitored processes from your transport enquiry to the after sales service
  • Processing of your orders within a defined timeframe
  • Coordination of national and international transport. Central monitoring of the transport process and the condition of the goods. If delays occur, customer service will attempt to solve the problem immediately
  • Rapid and competent information on the transport status, and proactive notification in the case of transport delays for selected connections
  • Electronic data exchange via Internet and EDIFACT