DB Cargo Italia

DB Cargo and Hangartner Terminal receive the award “Logistic of the year 2018” from Assologistica in the "Transport innovation" category

The Italian logistics association Assologistica, which represents more than 250 logistics companies in Italy, has given to DB Cargo and Hangartner the award Logistic of the year 2018 in the "Transport innovation" category. The association has thus rewarded the intermodal transport project that linked the Adriatic Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

DB Cargo Italia (Italian division of the German rail freight company Deutsche Bahn) and Hangartner Terminal - HGT (company of the DB group controlled by Schenker Italiana) have studied in partnership with Alpe Adria a new intermodal service which provides twice a week link between the port of Trieste and the terminal of Sommacampagna (Verona), managed by HGT, and therefore the area that includes western Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and eastern Lombardy. It is interesting, however, to dwell on the reason why this traffic represented a news in the panorama of rail freight transport. In fact, this traffic was born as a rib of the conventional train Cervignano-Brescia. To lower the percentage of risk connected to the start-up, instead of proposing a complete train a week, it was preferred to use a "reduced" 10 wagons fleet to rotate between Sommacampagna and Trieste Campo Marzio twice a week. This was possible thanks to the synergies with other "conventional" traffics already existing on the DB Cargo single-wagon network in Italy: the weekly trains connecting Brescia Scalo hub with Cervignano Smistamento were increased from two to three, inserting an intermediate stop in Sommacampagna for the connection of the intermodal wagons. From Cervignano two connections were planned once in a week to / from Trieste Campo Marzio for the unloading / reloading of containers at the port and two for Monfalcone dedicated to the pre-existing "conventional" single wagon service. A connection with a good frequency was thus introduced onto the market despite the initially reduced volumes, while maintaining a transit-time in line with that of a similar service with a complete train. Furthermore, increasing the frequency of services between the Brescia Scalo and Friuli hubs has also boosted the commercial competitiveness of the railway service in the North-East, reinforcing the single wagon system in which DB Cargo is a leader in Italy.

This service has been added to another already made active by DB Cargo and Hangartner for over two years: a tri-weekly intermodal service from Sommacampagna to the Vespucci interport of Livorno. The terminal of Sommacampagna has therefore assumed the role of territorial hub for traffic to the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian as well as for raises for Northern Europe, Southern Italy and China.